Thursday, October 2, 2008

Chrissy and Sarah

A number of years ago some friends of ours got an adorable miniature Dachshund puppy during the holiday season and named her Chrissy (for Christmas). Chrissy had the daunting task of filling in the space left by their matron Weimaraner, Madge, who has passed on earlier that year. Chrissy had no trouble at all, and performed her task brilliantly.

As the years went on, Chrissy developed some back trouble and eventually some nerve damage that has left her with the predicament of being fecally incontinent. Our friends came over for dinner a couple of weeks ago and told us about this new development in Chrissy's health. They left an indelible image in my mind when they described how poor little Chrissy just drops little bits of poop at random as she walks around the house.

And then along came the Katie Couric interviews with Sarah Palin.

Palin keeps reminding me of poor little Chrissy. Every time she opens her mouth, little bits of ... er ... something ... just keep dropping out at random.

So while you're watching tonight's debate, do take a moment to think about adorable little Chrissy and her current troubles.