Saturday, October 11, 2008

McCain Reaps What He Sows

Like virtually everyone I've spoken with over the last few weeks, I have been appalled by the hatred being stirred up by John McCain and his attact dog, Sarah Palin. They have been playing to the Republican "base" (pun unintentional), and the members of the "base" have been emboldened and are more willing to show their true colors. Huffington Post has a good summary of what has been going on at McCain/Palin rallies. The video below is one of the latest examples.

Now the polls are telling us that Americans do not respond well to McCain, Palin, and the "base." (pun in intentional this time)

And in the last month — as the McCain/Palin campaign began spewing their bile — Obama’s favorability rating has increased (57% to 60%) while his unfavorability rating has declined (36% to 34%). By contrast, McCain’s favorability/unfavorability ratings have plummeted during this same time (60/33 to 53/40), as have Palin’s (54/27 to 47/42). Standing next to Sarah Palin in that debate has turned Joe Biden — Joe Biden — into a wildly popular politician in America, with a 57/29 favorability rating.

In sum, the more Americans see of and hear from Sarah Palin and are exposed to her filthy smear politics, the worse she looks to them. And the more the McCain/Palin campaign attacks Obama with ugly, despicable smears, the worse McCain/Palin look, while Obama’s popularity with Americans continues to solidify and even gradually increase (Americans believe Obama is “trustworthy” by an overwhelming margin of 60-32%) (Fox 36).

Faced with this information, McCain has put himself into the position of having to attempt to reverse the trend he and Palin have started, and yesterday the "base" (pun intentional) booed him for doing so.

God save us from "base" Republicans!