Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What they saw at the Rainbow Lounge

By now you've heard that the Ft. Worth, Texas police and the Texas Alcoholic Beverages Commission decided to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Stonewall by re-creating it with their own incident of harrassment and violence against gay people minding their own business in a club, leaving one patron in the hospital with intracranial bleeding.

You've also heard that the Fort Worth police chief is using a homophobic excuse for the brutality, claiming that the club patrons made advances to officers and even groped one of them, (as if that's the way people respond to police. [koff]) Another claim made by the Fort Worth police chief is that the patrons were drunk. But for some reason [koff] they refused to administer Breathalizer tests when requested to do so by those being arrested.

You can read eyewitness reports of what really happened in the following article in the Dallas Voice.

Eyewitness accounts contradict statements from police on what happened at Rainbow Lounge Sunday morning

A number of eyewitnesses have given their descriptions of what happened at the Rainbow Lounge around 1 a.m. Sunday morning, June 28. Most of these accounts are very consistent, even though they come from different people who do not know each other. Here are a few of the eyewitness reports of the incident, as reported to Dallas Voice.
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At least one (out-of-state) policeman has broken the "brotherhood covenant" and spoken out quite strongly against this raid and the homophobic excuses being put out by the Fort Worth police chief.

There is a fairly recent update on the injured patron's condition here