Thursday, November 13, 2008

Cognitive Dissonance with *Fumbrage

Now here's a guy who donated $20,000 to the campaign of lies and defamation of California GLBT people who just can't seem to figure out why people are reacting negatively.
From the Sacramento Bee via AmericaBlog.

"I'm frustrated by what's going on," said Dave Leatherby, owner of the Leatherby Family Creamery in Sacramento, commenting on the protests and court battles."

Let's move on. I always told my children that once a rule was made, you have to abide by it. I think it should be the same in this circumstance."

Leatherby and his family donated about $20,000 for the passage of Proposition 8. A devout Catholic and father of 10, Leatherby supported the measure for religious reasons. He said his business has been targeted by bloggers as a result, and that he is particularly confused because his business has participated in the annual gay pride Rainbow Festival.

Um ... I suppose it didn't occur to him that the rule WAS made and that he paid $20,000 to have it changed. I supposed I should feel sorry for thoses children with such a homophobic father who sends such bizarre mixed messages.