Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Heterosexist Agenda

The homophobes often rant about something called The Homosexual Agenda. Some years ago I became curious about it and did some research. As suspected, the thing is basically an invention of right wing homophobes who took a satirical piece, omitted some key information, and then went on their rant rampage, even reading it into the Congressional Record. You can read the summary of that research here.

The name of the author of the original satirical piece is Michael Swift. Amusingly, several years ago I received a rather stressed-sounding e-mail from another young man with the same name. His father had Googled his name and found it associated with The Gay Agenda. Once I sorted it all out for him, he was quite nice and understanding about it. In fact he was quite disgusted with what the right wing nutcases had done.

And now, the good people at Right Wing Watch have informed us that the wingnuts have published another agenda, and this time it is their own.

All of those potential right-wing candidates out there who are searching for a ready-made agenda to run on are in luck, because today the Family Research Council unveiled a report entitled "25 Pro-Family Policy Goals for the Nation."

As FRC explains, the report is designed to serve as a blueprint for candidates, though it'll work for pastors, voters, and plain-old citizens as well:

The document you hold in your hands can serve as a model for the platforms the Republican and Democratic parties will write this summer. It can also serve as a blueprint for how those we elect can promote and protect the family and its values in 2009 and in the years to come.

The 25 goals we put forth here are grouped into eight main subject areas, ranging from Human Life to Marriage and Family to Religious Liberty to Culture and Media. Each page features a brief analysis of the issue, followed by one or more specific policy proposals which can help America meet that individual goal. Some involve action by Congress, some by the president, and some by state legislators or executive officials.

If you are a candidate for office or an elected official, please consider adopting these proposals as your own. If you are a values voter, challenge those running for office as to their position on these issues, and weigh their response as you consider your vote. If you are a pastor or leader of an organization, consider making copies of this booklet available to your members. If you are simply a citizen who cares about the family in America, write to your elected officials and urge them to pursue these goals with vigor.

As one would expect, the FRC then proceeds to lay out its policy priorities on everything from marriage to abortion to judges. If you are looking for a concise collection of the issues that make up the Right's current political agenda, this new FRC report is one-stop shopping.