Friday, July 4, 2008

Davis Mac-Ilyalla Arrested on the Eve of Pride London

London, July 4,2008: UK Gay News reports Davis Mac-Iyalla, a leader of Changing Attitude Nigeria, the gay Christian and gay rights movement in Nigeria, has been arrested on the eve of Pride London.

He was due to speak from the main stage in Trafalgar Square tomorrow afternoon.
Mac-Iyalla has been incarcerated in Oakington asylum detention centre in Cambridgeshire.

Last month, he fled Nigeria in fear of his life and sought refuge in the UK.

“His detention is totally unjustified and is an act of cruel vindictivenes by the Home Office,” Peter Tatchell of Outrage! said this afternoon.

“The Labour government’s claim that it supports gay rights cannot be taken seriously when it incarcerates a victim of homophobic persecution.
“It is treating Davis like a common criminal,” he insisted.

Oasis California reports later in the day Davis was released.

“I am delighted that the Home Office has finally seen sense and released him. But he was only freed because he has lots of supporters and a first-class solicitor, Abigale Evans of Wilson and Co. Many gay asylum seekers are not so lucky,” Mr. Tatchell pointed out.

“They end up in detention for months.

“Davis should never have been detained in the first place.

“Treating a victim of homophobic persecution like a common criminal is outrageous, said Mr Tatchell insisted.

It is not known if Mr. Mac-Iyalla will still be speaking at Pride London in Trafalgar Square tomorrow afternoon.

But Mr. Tatchell, who is also on the list of speakers, will be referring to the Mac-Iyalla matter, he said this afternoon.